Monday, December 24, 2007

merry xmas and happy new year 2008!

dearrrr folllks!

warm wishes and season's greetings from marseille! im preparing for the xmas eve dinner now, and wish you all the very best in life, straight from my heart. enjoy xmas, and a wonderful new year's eve wherever you are and may the next year 2008 give you all that you wanted and more!

wid luv

image : advertisement showing nutritional value of a beer brand found in a bar in Florence, Italy (credits - Hareesh VH)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

50th post...update from $wamy

bonjour a tous!

so heres a little update from me. true its after a little gap but then ive been rather busy. starting with moulin rouge in sep: its wonderful! we cant take pictures though; i think because there are too many sexy, almost-naked girls dancing around. i have a review book which i bought - heres a pic from the book, and what u see is what i saw. but its something i recommend everyone see atleast once - dance scenes almost perfect, great music,comedy shows in between (mixing different languages for a foreign audience) and some amazing circus and acrobatics thrown in. even though the pretty girls are mostly for a male audience, there were as many women as men from all over the world who came to watch the show. its costly, but more than value for money.

in oct id gone with a few friends on a wonderful weekend away from it all, to one of the most beautiful countryside sites of france called ardeche. we had hired a 19th century house and had great food (my french friends cook well), drink and fun. we took long walks along many beautiful natural sites, in what was a tranquil and beautiful experience.

very interesting and hectic work in this french startup where i am interning now, which includes managing an outsourcing project to India(!), marketing activities etc keeps me busy in the week. schedule is now like leave home 7 am and back 8pm, but im doing all that is needed to build a company. last week, i attended this international conference (in montpellier, south-west of france) of Internet companies and technology and guess what, the guest country was India :) so naturally the weekends have to be used well - the last few ones have been filled with parties, a bit of travel around the region and yes, wine tasting: i had got an invitation to a big event in marseille last weekend where we tasted a lot of wine, very good ones - red, white and even champagne. but more than getting drunk, i learned a lot about the wine culture and business. so now i have a better idea on the subject hahaha

hope to see posts from everyone! other than siddharth and me, i don't see many hmmm...hehe :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

how's everyone?

hey guys,

its been sometime since there was a post here. I know this is increasingly becoming $wamy and my 'reaching out' area and I'd really like people to say a few things. So here's the deal. 
answer this simple question
1. Where are you?
2. How are you?
3. What's your mood like (Happy/Sad etc.)
4. Are you up for a drink :)

My answers:
1. I'm in bangalore sitting at my computer writing this blog entry, wondering how everyone's doing.
2. I'm great. I'm happy and i'm sleepy :)
3. I'm happy and feeling a little alone, wanna go out and do something but its too late for any of that.
4. I could use a nice Martini, shaken not stirred 

Lots of LUV!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

glenfiddich, jagjit singh and the rain

this one's for $wamy and Patel wherever you are.
was listening to a beautiful jagjit singh number in which he claims...

tere bare mein,
jab soocha nahi tha...
mein tanha tha magar,
itna nahi tha...

i'm sure those lines don't need any further translation and the translation i'm only afraid will spoil their essence.
come back to india the both of you, so we can have some more Glen, listen to some jagjit singh and sit outside in the varandah of a raining city...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Siddharth !!!

Here's wishing you all the joy, love, luck and fun that life can bring through this year, and for all the years to come! Happy birthday my dear friend! I request you to drink the absynth for me today (if u have not already finished hehe) and consider it as ur birthday gift haha Cheers and love! $wamy

Friday, September 07, 2007


...and a really good one which is relevant to most of us, so i dare to publish it :)

A priest, a doctor and a software engineer die and go to the heavens gate, they hear gods voice and it says " My sons i am really very sorry but the heaven is full and i can accommodate only one of u. so to choose the rightful person one by one tell me what u have done in ur lifetime."

The priest goes up first and says “Well God I am a priest, ur humble servant and have spent all my life working to spread ur message."
The doctor goes up next and says "Well I am a doctor and have helped thousands of people recover from their illnesses and saved countless lives."

The engineer goes up and says "Well I worked as a s/w engineer and...." before the engineer could say any further, the heaven's gate opened and God came out with tears in his eyes and said to the engineer "Say no more my son come with me b'coz u have already been through hell!!"

bon weekend

Monday, August 27, 2007


today is ONAM, kerala's national festival (for those who don't know) and a time of rejoicing and family fun! i had an hour long video chat with my folks yesterday and it was quite nice :) otherwise im working today and something exciting which im looking forward to is the show in moulin rouge - remember the movie? yes, the same place!! - in paris, which i will go to this saturday. before the real heavy-duty work of launching a startup site starts in september, its good to be enjoying a show hehe...

and now, blogger seems to have added the video upload option, so to test it im uploading a little thing i made using mixmoov (where i work) - this is a tribute to marseille to show why i love it, so u will have an idea why i keep talking about this place so much. till next time, arrivederci friends..!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

italia ... la dolce vita !!

ciao folks! i am back after a 4-day trip to italy and well i can describe it as...mamma mia! and, put up here is one of the best pictures (i think) i have taken - with my guidebook showing the pisa tower held up against the background of the real one lol otherwise in the three days and two nights in italy, i did florence, pisa and siena.

food - gelato (italian ice cream) - claimed to be the best in the world, is really great especially in terms of the flavours never seen before, like coconut ice cream..would be nice in kerala hehe...pizzerias, ristorantes, pasticherias, amazing (and real) italian food! well, its a must-see (or must-eat?!) country, i am now sure ('trenitalia' always comes on time). i had arguably my best lunch so far at a ristorante in pisa, with a kind, elderly italian-speaking waitress patiently describing and suggesting the items and me just enjoying every piece with no care of time - really felt the "la dolce vita" here, the term made famous by a film with the same name, roughly translated to "the sweet life" - canelloni pasta, vino rosso della cassa (red tuscan wine), a tiramisu (yes!), and the final cut - a cappuccino! at the end of an hour and a half (a la $wamy), i was full, and a little drunk hehe, so that when i climbed the leaning tower all the way to th top, i wondered if it was the tower or me that was leaning more, or i wasn't sure if i felt that it was leaning a bit more than it should. the best was when i told the same lie (changing the language to french) as the guy before me did, at the ticket counter that there was a train to rome to catch and i had to get a ticket to see the tower at once, and the lady there said just for you i'm giving it NOW (even the guy before got it half an hour later, for him and family)...i was "grazie mille" for her!! and how i loved hearing them speak their language, well this had started with my italian friends...and was thoroughly enjoyable in their home country, with the cutest accent possible :) i have some "chianti" (wine from the region with the same name, very famous for its wines) bought as a souvenir, got to see how long the souvenir lasts lol!

archtecture, cars and women (in the order siddharth mentioned them in his last post, or whichever order you prefer) - a wealth of these abound hehe, one little thing i found about the names of the fiat (an italian company) cars - "siena" is the city and "palio" is a festival there, fyi. about architecture, there seems to be a syndrome called "stendhal's syndrome", after the french author's experience of dizziness and confusion when exposed to too much of extremely beautiful art, in florence. i am no art person, but yes what i saw stunned me, the famous "il duomo" (the cathedral) in florence and siena topping the list of what i saw. even in august, there is some peace and quiet watching florence by night. add to it all the hearty italian people, and you just feel like asking directions even if you know them (just to hear them speak...i don't know if this is a syndrome..!!)

all the world-famous brands having outlets, and it being a sale season i was able to steal a deal or two of "la moda", well, you'll buy something for the salesgirls if not for the discount prices this season. i haven't seen rome or venice yet, but what i did see of italy is much for now, until next time, baci..baci..arrivederci !!

Monday, August 13, 2007

party on dude!!!

hey $wamy

really really cool that you're going to Italy, ooooh! the land of amazing architecture, better cars and even better women. how i envy you my friend ;-)
have fun and looking forward to seeing some pictures of the trip up with you as-usual standing in the middle of some georgeous ladies..

life here is the otherway around atleast for me, been really really busy at work but that should come to an end soon and then i plan to take a few days off myself. can't wait :)

have fun and the rest of you. looking forward to hearing from you...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

coucou de marseille!

bonjour folks! i see an 'extended period of inactivity' here but am sure it's because everyone is religiously following the founding principle of this group - doNothing! et bon, now that i have kind of started working, let me shake things up a bit :) its the beginning of another weekend here in the mediterranean and most people are on vacation (france virtually closes down in august), and i just got to know even me, an intern has got 5 days off so did a quick, yes lightning quick plan to escape to italy from 15 to 19 august. the plan (atleast now) is florence, pisa and siena. well, not to tell about the crazy weekend i had with my close friends in montpellier a fortnight ago. work hard, party hard is still true! alora,italia, pasta, dolce vita, ciao bella....practising a little italian from now lol oooh, and theres sth about this happening now, and i see lots of people there, so come join in folks!

Friday, July 27, 2007

photos moved to ??!!

bonjour folks! well, yahoo photos seem to be dying end of sep, and theyve moved my pics to flickr and heres the new URL its strange with so many changes (i see yahoo bought flickr). anyway, it interests me a bit as i am now studying about this web 2.0 stuff at work :) latest update: internship is interesting, planning a little bit of travel if time permits and the mediterranean is wonderful as usual. vamos a la playa!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Re: deletes...

hello folks! oops, i have to tell something about the deletes :) they were something i posted using the site of the startup i am interning with, sorry for not cleaning up in the hurry. however, here it is (may interest some of you) - where you can create, edit and publish videos and short movies with text, images, sound and video online free, kind of a second generation of youtube. however it is in french for now :)


An Inconvenient Truth

"are you ready to change the way you live?"
- An Inconvenient Truth

that's the question. i just finished watching an inconvenient truth and its sad to the point that I'm willing to sit without using my cell phone or computer, wanting to find out how i can stop using my car and make a difference. maybe my little contribution to this vast ocean might, just might, help change the course of the train that's roaring towards a wall...

i'm begging everyone here to see the movie "an inconcenient truth" if you've not already and as Mr. Gore said, don't skip the step in which you ask yourself, "how can i make a difference?"
post suggestions here, mail everyone if you must. do atleast ONE thing to reduce your footprint on this planet.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


hi $wamy

i'm sorry but i had to delete the last three blogs. looks like there was some virus that was playing games with the last three blogs.
well on a different note, it was sad we guys couldn't have the party on sharadha's wedding day but hope to have one soon. I've got some interesting wine for everyone :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

one down lots to go!

after all the kicking and screeming the first member of our group is now married. because she's now done something with her life there's a motion to kick her out of this group but that'll take work on our part and i'm too lazy to do that. so... do nothing :)

congrats megha on u'r marriage. For all those who don't know this yet. Sharaddha is now no longer single :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coming home for 3 weeks !!! (6-26 june)

dearest crazy people, its very exciting to write this post as i just confirmed my tickets for a trip home after nine long months..yes, i will be home from 6 to 26 june before i get back to start my inernship. the excitement is multiplied by the fact that it was quickly planned and that it did work! i am looking forward to attending matha's wedding too - and guess what, there is a family wedding on the 10th of june and i would be able to meet all my relatives without much of travel too. my parents and sister are so happy at the plan and the fact that its going to be monsoon in kerala does not bother me the least (here in the mediterranean its a great summer, im at the beach many times) - some time for blr, home, and so many things to tell everyone. so many things, yes so many things seen and done in these long nine months, so many friends made, so many journeys...!!
zafron ki yeh zindagi jo kabhi nahin khatm ho jati hai! o boze..kurwa mac! a tres bientot en inde!!!!!
and the picture is in front of the red carpet at the cannes film festival..another unforgettable trip :)

Monday, May 14, 2007


Originally uploaded by krish_sid.
i just had to share this with you guys. i took this picture earlier today and absolutely love the way the sky is in this photograph.
miss everyone of you!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


hey, vodka mate!

now that you're in love and all that I'm not sure how this invite is going to go but we have to get together once before for the proof one final time by the "single" u that you in fact are vodka mata and no one can take that title of you ;-)

Talking about drinks this weekend i was in scotland and guys i really missed you sitting in the land where Glenfiddich is made and knowing Mr. Patels love for it :)
How about i mix a drink for you...

i'm uploading the pictures at

PS: Vodka Mata, please upload a picture of your CEO. that's an order not a request.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

O MOJ BOZE (O MY GOD) !! One down!! And look who it is...well, this year ive so far got like 7 wedding invitations from friends. Now, Himanshu ji where are you? Is something happening in NJ?
So matha is getting would be good if you can post a pic of ur engagement in this blog so we can see THE CEO :-) Apart from that, heartfelt congrats and wishes for a wonderful wedding and a long and happy married life. Id like to really imagine the freebird in a married setup...YAAY!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too many things happened too fast.

I can’t believe I am saying this. And first of all I can't believe it happenned this week-mid.

I am engaged now! My fiancé name is suresh. He is the CEO of a company here in Bangalore and is into automation industry.

We were declared engaged by my father in law and the only members present were both our parents. He surprised us by telling that we need not have a separate engagement function as then both of us have to take 2 breaks which could make our schedules difficult!

One of the most ideal way to know that you are committed than I could really imagine with NIL complicatons!

The marriage dates are not yet decided but it would be sometime in june last week i guess.

I am leaving for my cousin’s marriage this evening and would be back next Thursday.

I would keep you posted after that!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy birthday mahima
being in college at Virginia Tech having made some nice new friends and maybe a special someone ;-) here's wishing you have an amazing year ahead and all your dreams come true.

happy birthday mahi ve

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So here we go. 10 years back my passport was made and it’s about to expire, I was certain that it’ll expire without a single visa in it. But a week and a day or so back it happened. My passport came back to me with a visa for the queen’s country in it, London to be precise. So the night before (1am I think) I was to take off I finally decided to pack for the trip and early next morning I was off. Gauri was really sweet and got me a ticket in First Class on the flight and the first long trip on a plane was absolute heaven *smile on my face*

So here goes, my adventures in London so far. After I landed I decided to take a taxi so I could ride thru London and I was a really nice ride. This city has so much culture its amazing.
I spent the week just roaming around town seeing things like the river and museums and parks. Then I decided to rent a car for the long weekend and so I got a merc and drove to Cardiff where there was a really nice guy who owns a yacht and took us sailing. It was absolutely amazing, the reason I like flying gliders so much is the reason I loved the sailing experience. No sound except the wind hitting the BIG sail :)
*floating in heaven*
On the yacht Paul (the guy who owned the boat) taught us a little about the basics of sailing. When we came back to shore some really nice ice-cream followed :D

Then we (there were a couple of other friends) decided to drive down to Bath, an old Roman city and IT IS AMAZING. With building from the roman era and people performing on the streets (no cars allowed in certain areas) and pubs and restaurants at every corner, the dinner was exquisite, it’s a place I could retire in. It’s a place where its easy to be inspired to do great things.

Sadly I had to come back to London and work hehe...
In the meantime back in London I’ve been visiting different pubs (come on I should see what the culture is like) and am waiting to go and check out what the underground scene is like.
Will upload some picture in a few days

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

cheers $wamy.
you, my friend are truly living a nice life :)
happy birthday and have an even more wonderful year ahead of you

Happy Birthday TO Uuuuuuu...
Happy b'day toooooo..... Uuuu...
happy birthday dear $wamy
happppppppppppyyyyyyyy birthday to youu.......

i'll write a post soon with more detail about the happening in my life.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

the most memorable birthday celebration for me so far (though i don't remember most of it, after all the drinks!) was yesterday's party at alotra. my good friends gave me lots of gifts and there was music, dance and fun till early morning. the result: i am tired today, and the cold which started after getting back from new york is worse. but the pictures and the videos are amazing and i now thank God once again for the things i mentioned in the previous blog.

patra, justyna and marta made the cake. we started with zubrowka and apple juice at about 9.30pm with oliviontko, jie, fanny and kathi. the irish guys and the german girls came in later. after trying kathi's rum-n-lemon cocktail, we moved to the hall in the ground floor where more friends came in with gifts (almost everyone had a bottle of wine) and then alexandro was there as the dj while we all continued drinking wine. well, most of us do not remember the rest and i just know that justyna took me back to my room. 26!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hope all your dreams and aspirations come true for all years to come (as has been happening so far :) ). Have a great bash and do give a missed call when online!

completing 25 years of an exciting life today, and hoping for another 25 more of even more exciting times, $wamy turns 26! there is an all-night party planned at alotra, with all my wonderful friends. i have not rested enough after the new york trip though. today is a long day at school, but it feels good on your birthday! at this time, i have to thank God for a few things - amazing parents and a wonderful sister, the best of friends and his grace that helps me dream and realise my dreams..and someone extraordinary called agnieszka godzinska whom i will be meeting again in two weeks' time. welcome to the zdrowie !!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

new is the last day of my week-long trip to this city and it was so very nice, and so very busy! i had a good time, with snow and sun and rain in a week, a very very busy time at the conference at the UN headquarters, and the sheraton new york (where i stayed for the week too). hoping to meet himanshu and rampu atleast today before i take the plane back to paris. well, i have not seen much of new york, but the most essential places have been or will be covered. following the delegate dance day before night, yesterday was marked by a meeting with the political representative of the european commission at the un and a cocktail party at the house of the french ambassador to the un. in total, it was quite an exciting experience, really unforgettable!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A different type of post

I just say five things here:

1. Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

2. I can resist everything except temptation - Oscar Wilde

3. Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it - An unknown alcoholic

4. I am on a gin and tonic diet, and have already lost 2 days! - The same alcoholic

5. I ate 5 snails and Duck liver (escargots et foie-gras) on sunday and it was good

PS: CHORI has started a blog! You can read him at

Monday, February 12, 2007

Kurwa mac in Alotra - our party on YouTube! is the link for the video, or you could do a search for "alotra" and find the video titled "kurwa mac in alotra" to see it. well, this is from the international dinner party we organised on friday where everyone brought/cooked food from their own country and then we all ate together and ofcourse, drank and danced. i am there too :) it was a crazy time, and the amount and types of food and drink was just unbelievable. we ate and drank to world peace! well, today i had a nice chat with matha and mahima. so much for now folks!

Friday, February 09, 2007


last wednesday i had gone to the football match in the stade velodrome in marseille, the second largest in france. it was an unforgettable experience! it was the match between OM (Olympique de Marseille) and Lyon, current champions in France. OM is the club where Zinedine Zidane played (he is from marseille) and the match was so exciting, and me and my friends were supporting OM and we had bought OM scarves and all! in the end, it was a 2-1 victory for OM with them scoring the winning goal in the last minute - the excitement cannot be expressed in words. it was not only my first match, but a great one! there were about 60,000 people shouting and singing!

this year is a year of change, of travel and jobhunt. i am really excited about it as the travel agenda is a nice one - starting with new year in paris, one week in new york (hope to see patel and mahima) followed by a week in poland and more. well, frankly warsaw excites me more than new york now, as ill be with aga - and the whole polish family waiting for me to party! also, in march we will be going on a ski weekend given by the bank for free. we will be paying the travel and some other limited expenses, otherwise its more or less free. i am looking forward to it too!

Screwed Yet Again by Bengalooru!!!

Picture this, the time is around 9 at night, I'm on my way back home after a day at the office. I've not eaten yet so my friend suggests we stop over for a quick cup of ice-cream. And we do.
we park the car on a lane next to the ice-cream shop and walk to the shop. Pick up the ice-cream and sit for 2 minutes eating it. Pick up the remaining and walk to the car about 10 minutes after we left it.
everything looks ok till I go over to my side of the car and try to open it. What I find is the window shattered. I'm irritated thinking this is another one of the many incidents of vandalism untill i notice my car stereo missing. then i notice my iPod gone too. we look in the back and my friends purse is missing with things like the license, office ID etc.

This is the city we're living in where on a busy street at 9pm someone won't hesitate to break into your car and steal its contents.

just one piece of advice, don't leave anything in your car. If you do make sure no one can see it even if you're going to be gone only for a minute.
Take care and hope this doesn't happen to any of you.

Monday, January 29, 2007

After quite a few invitations from Sid, I have finally subscribed to the blog! :)
Hope you guys are doing fine...

Well, i have took the first step in blogging world, and hope to take some time to write more too in the future! :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

O MOJ BOZE! is oh my god! in polish :) well, the new semester has begun and ive got good results from the last one. ive chosen the courses i like, and yes finally im doing a course on mergers and acquisitions. theres enough (actually, more than enough) work, and this time i also have to find an answer to the big question of the next step in my finding an internship, a job etc. on one side the parties are going on, though im not much into them now, as most of my great friends are away. well the new ones are good too and ive had some great times already..but its never the same. Aga isnt here, and so im more excited to go to warsaw than to new york! now you know what my favourite country is, obviously POLAND! hehe, well this much for this post :) the picture is from the first visit to the beach with my new polish family.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bonne Annee 2007! Happy New Year 2007! first post of the year! well there are no resolutions to write about as i havent made anything particular! however im hoping for a good year and wishing you all the same! the new year's eve in paris was great and i had fun with my bits batchmate and his friend both at infosys in paris! here is a pic of the eiffel tower i took on new years eve! long is the way! many things to do! many people to meet! many places to go! may god be with us all and may all our dreams come true this year! here i am sending lots of love to all of you dear friends!!!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new year resolutions everyone
So this year i've decided to do these things this year
  1. Make 10 new friends
  2. Not get angry this year
  3. get back into shape and be able to run 10 KM
  4. contribute 4 hours a week to open source
so those are my resolutions. what about you guys?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

After a year that was filled with up's and down's it looks like all of us came out on top. Feels good doesn't it?
A very happy new year and here's hoping that 2007 will be better than 2006. So how did everyone celebrate? I was hanging out with a few friends and had a nice quiet and understated welcome to the 2007. Not to forget that I missed all of you guys.

Happy new year.