Sunday, November 25, 2007

50th post...update from $wamy

bonjour a tous!

so heres a little update from me. true its after a little gap but then ive been rather busy. starting with moulin rouge in sep: its wonderful! we cant take pictures though; i think because there are too many sexy, almost-naked girls dancing around. i have a review book which i bought - heres a pic from the book, and what u see is what i saw. but its something i recommend everyone see atleast once - dance scenes almost perfect, great music,comedy shows in between (mixing different languages for a foreign audience) and some amazing circus and acrobatics thrown in. even though the pretty girls are mostly for a male audience, there were as many women as men from all over the world who came to watch the show. its costly, but more than value for money.

in oct id gone with a few friends on a wonderful weekend away from it all, to one of the most beautiful countryside sites of france called ardeche. we had hired a 19th century house and had great food (my french friends cook well), drink and fun. we took long walks along many beautiful natural sites, in what was a tranquil and beautiful experience.

very interesting and hectic work in this french startup where i am interning now, which includes managing an outsourcing project to India(!), marketing activities etc keeps me busy in the week. schedule is now like leave home 7 am and back 8pm, but im doing all that is needed to build a company. last week, i attended this international conference (in montpellier, south-west of france) of Internet companies and technology and guess what, the guest country was India :) so naturally the weekends have to be used well - the last few ones have been filled with parties, a bit of travel around the region and yes, wine tasting: i had got an invitation to a big event in marseille last weekend where we tasted a lot of wine, very good ones - red, white and even champagne. but more than getting drunk, i learned a lot about the wine culture and business. so now i have a better idea on the subject hahaha

hope to see posts from everyone! other than siddharth and me, i don't see many hmmm...hehe :)