Saturday, March 31, 2007

the most memorable birthday celebration for me so far (though i don't remember most of it, after all the drinks!) was yesterday's party at alotra. my good friends gave me lots of gifts and there was music, dance and fun till early morning. the result: i am tired today, and the cold which started after getting back from new york is worse. but the pictures and the videos are amazing and i now thank God once again for the things i mentioned in the previous blog.

patra, justyna and marta made the cake. we started with zubrowka and apple juice at about 9.30pm with oliviontko, jie, fanny and kathi. the irish guys and the german girls came in later. after trying kathi's rum-n-lemon cocktail, we moved to the hall in the ground floor where more friends came in with gifts (almost everyone had a bottle of wine) and then alexandro was there as the dj while we all continued drinking wine. well, most of us do not remember the rest and i just know that justyna took me back to my room. 26!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hope all your dreams and aspirations come true for all years to come (as has been happening so far :) ). Have a great bash and do give a missed call when online!

completing 25 years of an exciting life today, and hoping for another 25 more of even more exciting times, $wamy turns 26! there is an all-night party planned at alotra, with all my wonderful friends. i have not rested enough after the new york trip though. today is a long day at school, but it feels good on your birthday! at this time, i have to thank God for a few things - amazing parents and a wonderful sister, the best of friends and his grace that helps me dream and realise my dreams..and someone extraordinary called agnieszka godzinska whom i will be meeting again in two weeks' time. welcome to the zdrowie !!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

new is the last day of my week-long trip to this city and it was so very nice, and so very busy! i had a good time, with snow and sun and rain in a week, a very very busy time at the conference at the UN headquarters, and the sheraton new york (where i stayed for the week too). hoping to meet himanshu and rampu atleast today before i take the plane back to paris. well, i have not seen much of new york, but the most essential places have been or will be covered. following the delegate dance day before night, yesterday was marked by a meeting with the political representative of the european commission at the un and a cocktail party at the house of the french ambassador to the un. in total, it was quite an exciting experience, really unforgettable!!