Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A different type of post

I just say five things here:

1. Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

2. I can resist everything except temptation - Oscar Wilde

3. Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it - An unknown alcoholic

4. I am on a gin and tonic diet, and have already lost 2 days! - The same alcoholic

5. I ate 5 snails and Duck liver (escargots et foie-gras) on sunday and it was good

PS: CHORI has started a blog! You can read him at http://aceofstreets.blogspot.com

Monday, February 12, 2007

Kurwa mac in Alotra - our party on YouTube!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtURECsnDf8 is the link for the video, or you could do a search for "alotra" and find the video titled "kurwa mac in alotra" to see it. well, this is from the international dinner party we organised on friday where everyone brought/cooked food from their own country and then we all ate together and ofcourse, drank and danced. i am there too :) it was a crazy time, and the amount and types of food and drink was just unbelievable. we ate and drank to world peace! well, today i had a nice chat with matha and mahima. so much for now folks!

Friday, February 09, 2007


last wednesday i had gone to the football match in the stade velodrome in marseille, the second largest in france. it was an unforgettable experience! it was the match between OM (Olympique de Marseille) and Lyon, current champions in France. OM is the club where Zinedine Zidane played (he is from marseille) and the match was so exciting, and me and my friends were supporting OM and we had bought OM scarves and all! in the end, it was a 2-1 victory for OM with them scoring the winning goal in the last minute - the excitement cannot be expressed in words. it was not only my first match, but a great one! there were about 60,000 people shouting and singing!

this year is a year of change, of travel and jobhunt. i am really excited about it as the travel agenda is a nice one - starting with new year in paris, one week in new york (hope to see patel and mahima) followed by a week in poland and more. well, frankly warsaw excites me more than new york now, as ill be with aga - and the whole polish family waiting for me to party! also, in march we will be going on a ski weekend given by the bank for free. we will be paying the travel and some other limited expenses, otherwise its more or less free. i am looking forward to it too!

Screwed Yet Again by Bengalooru!!!

Picture this, the time is around 9 at night, I'm on my way back home after a day at the office. I've not eaten yet so my friend suggests we stop over for a quick cup of ice-cream. And we do.
we park the car on a lane next to the ice-cream shop and walk to the shop. Pick up the ice-cream and sit for 2 minutes eating it. Pick up the remaining and walk to the car about 10 minutes after we left it.
everything looks ok till I go over to my side of the car and try to open it. What I find is the window shattered. I'm irritated thinking this is another one of the many incidents of vandalism untill i notice my car stereo missing. then i notice my iPod gone too. we look in the back and my friends purse is missing with things like the license, office ID etc.

This is the city we're living in where on a busy street at 9pm someone won't hesitate to break into your car and steal its contents.

just one piece of advice, don't leave anything in your car. If you do make sure no one can see it even if you're going to be gone only for a minute.
Take care and hope this doesn't happen to any of you.