Monday, August 27, 2007


today is ONAM, kerala's national festival (for those who don't know) and a time of rejoicing and family fun! i had an hour long video chat with my folks yesterday and it was quite nice :) otherwise im working today and something exciting which im looking forward to is the show in moulin rouge - remember the movie? yes, the same place!! - in paris, which i will go to this saturday. before the real heavy-duty work of launching a startup site starts in september, its good to be enjoying a show hehe...

and now, blogger seems to have added the video upload option, so to test it im uploading a little thing i made using mixmoov (where i work) - this is a tribute to marseille to show why i love it, so u will have an idea why i keep talking about this place so much. till next time, arrivederci friends..!!

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SiD said...

man that's such a nice place. with i had come there when i was in london. well next time :)