Thursday, January 25, 2007

O MOJ BOZE! is oh my god! in polish :) well, the new semester has begun and ive got good results from the last one. ive chosen the courses i like, and yes finally im doing a course on mergers and acquisitions. theres enough (actually, more than enough) work, and this time i also have to find an answer to the big question of the next step in my finding an internship, a job etc. on one side the parties are going on, though im not much into them now, as most of my great friends are away. well the new ones are good too and ive had some great times already..but its never the same. Aga isnt here, and so im more excited to go to warsaw than to new york! now you know what my favourite country is, obviously POLAND! hehe, well this much for this post :) the picture is from the first visit to the beach with my new polish family.

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