Friday, July 27, 2007

photos moved to ??!!

bonjour folks! well, yahoo photos seem to be dying end of sep, and theyve moved my pics to flickr and heres the new URL its strange with so many changes (i see yahoo bought flickr). anyway, it interests me a bit as i am now studying about this web 2.0 stuff at work :) latest update: internship is interesting, planning a little bit of travel if time permits and the mediterranean is wonderful as usual. vamos a la playa!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Re: deletes...

hello folks! oops, i have to tell something about the deletes :) they were something i posted using the site of the startup i am interning with, sorry for not cleaning up in the hurry. however, here it is (may interest some of you) - where you can create, edit and publish videos and short movies with text, images, sound and video online free, kind of a second generation of youtube. however it is in french for now :)


An Inconvenient Truth

"are you ready to change the way you live?"
- An Inconvenient Truth

that's the question. i just finished watching an inconvenient truth and its sad to the point that I'm willing to sit without using my cell phone or computer, wanting to find out how i can stop using my car and make a difference. maybe my little contribution to this vast ocean might, just might, help change the course of the train that's roaring towards a wall...

i'm begging everyone here to see the movie "an inconcenient truth" if you've not already and as Mr. Gore said, don't skip the step in which you ask yourself, "how can i make a difference?"
post suggestions here, mail everyone if you must. do atleast ONE thing to reduce your footprint on this planet.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


hi $wamy

i'm sorry but i had to delete the last three blogs. looks like there was some virus that was playing games with the last three blogs.
well on a different note, it was sad we guys couldn't have the party on sharadha's wedding day but hope to have one soon. I've got some interesting wine for everyone :)