Saturday, October 27, 2007

how's everyone?

hey guys,

its been sometime since there was a post here. I know this is increasingly becoming $wamy and my 'reaching out' area and I'd really like people to say a few things. So here's the deal. 
answer this simple question
1. Where are you?
2. How are you?
3. What's your mood like (Happy/Sad etc.)
4. Are you up for a drink :)

My answers:
1. I'm in bangalore sitting at my computer writing this blog entry, wondering how everyone's doing.
2. I'm great. I'm happy and i'm sleepy :)
3. I'm happy and feeling a little alone, wanna go out and do something but its too late for any of that.
4. I could use a nice Martini, shaken not stirred 

Lots of LUV!