Saturday, August 11, 2007

coucou de marseille!

bonjour folks! i see an 'extended period of inactivity' here but am sure it's because everyone is religiously following the founding principle of this group - doNothing! et bon, now that i have kind of started working, let me shake things up a bit :) its the beginning of another weekend here in the mediterranean and most people are on vacation (france virtually closes down in august), and i just got to know even me, an intern has got 5 days off so did a quick, yes lightning quick plan to escape to italy from 15 to 19 august. the plan (atleast now) is florence, pisa and siena. well, not to tell about the crazy weekend i had with my close friends in montpellier a fortnight ago. work hard, party hard is still true! alora,italia, pasta, dolce vita, ciao bella....practising a little italian from now lol oooh, and theres sth about this happening now, and i see lots of people there, so come join in folks!

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