Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too many things happened too fast.

I can’t believe I am saying this. And first of all I can't believe it happenned this week-mid.

I am engaged now! My fiancé name is suresh. He is the CEO of a company here in Bangalore and is into automation industry.

We were declared engaged by my father in law and the only members present were both our parents. He surprised us by telling that we need not have a separate engagement function as then both of us have to take 2 breaks which could make our schedules difficult!

One of the most ideal way to know that you are committed than I could really imagine with NIL complicatons!

The marriage dates are not yet decided but it would be sometime in june last week i guess.

I am leaving for my cousin’s marriage this evening and would be back next Thursday.

I would keep you posted after that!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

happy birthday mahima
being in college at Virginia Tech having made some nice new friends and maybe a special someone ;-) here's wishing you have an amazing year ahead and all your dreams come true.

happy birthday mahi ve

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So here we go. 10 years back my passport was made and it’s about to expire, I was certain that it’ll expire without a single visa in it. But a week and a day or so back it happened. My passport came back to me with a visa for the queen’s country in it, London to be precise. So the night before (1am I think) I was to take off I finally decided to pack for the trip and early next morning I was off. Gauri was really sweet and got me a ticket in First Class on the flight and the first long trip on a plane was absolute heaven *smile on my face*

So here goes, my adventures in London so far. After I landed I decided to take a taxi so I could ride thru London and I was a really nice ride. This city has so much culture its amazing.
I spent the week just roaming around town seeing things like the river and museums and parks. Then I decided to rent a car for the long weekend and so I got a merc and drove to Cardiff where there was a really nice guy who owns a yacht and took us sailing. It was absolutely amazing, the reason I like flying gliders so much is the reason I loved the sailing experience. No sound except the wind hitting the BIG sail :)
*floating in heaven*
On the yacht Paul (the guy who owned the boat) taught us a little about the basics of sailing. When we came back to shore some really nice ice-cream followed :D

Then we (there were a couple of other friends) decided to drive down to Bath, an old Roman city and IT IS AMAZING. With building from the roman era and people performing on the streets (no cars allowed in certain areas) and pubs and restaurants at every corner, the dinner was exquisite, it’s a place I could retire in. It’s a place where its easy to be inspired to do great things.

Sadly I had to come back to London and work hehe...
In the meantime back in London I’ve been visiting different pubs (come on I should see what the culture is like) and am waiting to go and check out what the underground scene is like.
Will upload some picture in a few days

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

cheers $wamy.
you, my friend are truly living a nice life :)
happy birthday and have an even more wonderful year ahead of you

Happy Birthday TO Uuuuuuu...
Happy b'day toooooo..... Uuuu...
happy birthday dear $wamy
happppppppppppyyyyyyyy birthday to youu.......

i'll write a post soon with more detail about the happening in my life.