Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Complete breakdown of Justice

The other day I was parked on Commercial Street and enjoying a nice cup of tea. After I finished that and came back to my car I saw two cars. A silver Wagon R parked behind me and a black Esteem parked in front of me. Both of them having left no space for me to move out of there.
After a little while my friend who was with me called the cops and they assured us that they were sending a tow truck, but let's face it, this is Bangalore or should I say Bengaluru, the land where justice is dead. Needless to say no tow truck ever came. I walked around and found a cop who laughed and said nothing could be done. After a little wait another cop came strolling by and I asked him to help. He stood there with all the urgency in the world of a pig on dope.

A little time passed and the two ugly, fat 'lalas' who owned the black esteem came and when I asked them to see how they had parked the car and the prompt reply came "abee asshole get lost, what'll you do?"

Obviously upset I asked the guy to apologize and he said "go get a cop if you can, you're you
bugging me". Fortunately there was a cop standing, agreed he looked more lost than an ant without a trail. Seeing this both the guys came out of the car and the passenger tried to hit me. Seeing this my friend came out of the car and he started abusing her. Now there were four cops, all as quiet as bats. A little later these guys hit me, punched me, cops stepping back a little now. I being absolutely quiet at this stage and turned to the cops asking them to do something. My friend by now also angry was asking these jerks to back off but these guys just kept going. When they finally stopped we asked the cops to do something and the cop responds
"We're not a witness to this".
The two fucked up guys sat in the car and left.

So in a state or country where the law doesn't help the victims one is forced to wonder is justice blind or do they choose to keep a piece of underwear tied around their eyes?

Hi $wamy. Looks like its just u and me here for the moment. But i'm sure a little arm twisting will get the rest of the group here too ;-)

There is so much happening with me for now. will put up some stuff in a couple of days. Till then have a mug of beer hoping the others do join in.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

bonjour a tous!

i hope everyone has joined in and that everyone will excuse my french..two of the big changes that have happened to me after the first two months in france is that ive (almost) forgotten beer, as ive been drinking only wine and then ive become a little more relaxed as it was from the french effect.
but, relaxation as i write this has become a thing of only the past two monts as the semester is now coming to a close and there is a frenzy. like i said, anyone who says bschools only party are not wrong as theres just so much of work that at the end, all you want to do is get drunk. yesterday was the last official party at the school by the students' union and i had decided not to go, but was pulled out of my room by friends (a special mention has to be made of Agnieszka Godzinska, the polish devil in the pic who is my sidee) and i ended up at the party a little after midnigt. well, here the parties begin at 11 and go on till whenever. for a change, we came back by 3.30 and thank god, i didnt have a class this morning. today is a "free" day in that there are no classes, but the group meetings (imagine a group of six where we have one american, a russian, a french, a dutch, a jamaican and me) for various courses and reading stuff keeps me busy. FINANCE IS TOUGH! putin merde....:-) i stop here and think of the long evening ahead. if you ever drink pastis, and i hope to god you won't - please make sure you mix lot of water. its the grand-father of feni..to those of us who know and love goa. this is my sixpence, for you all :-)

PS: if you've been wondering about my YM status "Manyana" it means tomorrow in Spanish :) its always used here to put off things for later, and i think its a good slogan for donothing...yeps?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OK everyone! Here we go. As promised one blog coming right up :)
so everyone. done anything interesting recently or just want others to know about the lunch u had at the road side cafe. post a blog :)
guess I'm starting to sound a little like a bill board so I'm going to stop.

happy blogging and keep in touch!!!