Saturday, March 31, 2007

the most memorable birthday celebration for me so far (though i don't remember most of it, after all the drinks!) was yesterday's party at alotra. my good friends gave me lots of gifts and there was music, dance and fun till early morning. the result: i am tired today, and the cold which started after getting back from new york is worse. but the pictures and the videos are amazing and i now thank God once again for the things i mentioned in the previous blog.

patra, justyna and marta made the cake. we started with zubrowka and apple juice at about 9.30pm with oliviontko, jie, fanny and kathi. the irish guys and the german girls came in later. after trying kathi's rum-n-lemon cocktail, we moved to the hall in the ground floor where more friends came in with gifts (almost everyone had a bottle of wine) and then alexandro was there as the dj while we all continued drinking wine. well, most of us do not remember the rest and i just know that justyna took me back to my room. 26!

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