Saturday, September 29, 2007

glenfiddich, jagjit singh and the rain

this one's for $wamy and Patel wherever you are.
was listening to a beautiful jagjit singh number in which he claims...

tere bare mein,
jab soocha nahi tha...
mein tanha tha magar,
itna nahi tha...

i'm sure those lines don't need any further translation and the translation i'm only afraid will spoil their essence.
come back to india the both of you, so we can have some more Glen, listen to some jagjit singh and sit outside in the varandah of a raining city...


Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Siddharth !!!

Here's wishing you all the joy, love, luck and fun that life can bring through this year, and for all the years to come! Happy birthday my dear friend! I request you to drink the absynth for me today (if u have not already finished hehe) and consider it as ur birthday gift haha Cheers and love! $wamy

Friday, September 07, 2007


...and a really good one which is relevant to most of us, so i dare to publish it :)

A priest, a doctor and a software engineer die and go to the heavens gate, they hear gods voice and it says " My sons i am really very sorry but the heaven is full and i can accommodate only one of u. so to choose the rightful person one by one tell me what u have done in ur lifetime."

The priest goes up first and says “Well God I am a priest, ur humble servant and have spent all my life working to spread ur message."
The doctor goes up next and says "Well I am a doctor and have helped thousands of people recover from their illnesses and saved countless lives."

The engineer goes up and says "Well I worked as a s/w engineer and...." before the engineer could say any further, the heaven's gate opened and God came out with tears in his eyes and said to the engineer "Say no more my son come with me b'coz u have already been through hell!!"

bon weekend