Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coming home for 3 weeks !!! (6-26 june)

dearest crazy people, its very exciting to write this post as i just confirmed my tickets for a trip home after nine long months..yes, i will be home from 6 to 26 june before i get back to start my inernship. the excitement is multiplied by the fact that it was quickly planned and that it did work! i am looking forward to attending matha's wedding too - and guess what, there is a family wedding on the 10th of june and i would be able to meet all my relatives without much of travel too. my parents and sister are so happy at the plan and the fact that its going to be monsoon in kerala does not bother me the least (here in the mediterranean its a great summer, im at the beach many times) - some time for blr, home, and so many things to tell everyone. so many things, yes so many things seen and done in these long nine months, so many friends made, so many journeys...!!
zafron ki yeh zindagi jo kabhi nahin khatm ho jati hai! o boze..kurwa mac! a tres bientot en inde!!!!!
and the picture is in front of the red carpet at the cannes film festival..another unforgettable trip :)

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