Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 things to say!

First, my parents are visiting me in France for 10 days from tomorrow! I have taken these days off from work and needless to say, I am quite excited about it! I have made a plan to show them my life, work, friends, and a bit of France and Europe. It is also the first trip abroad for my parents, and what is interesting is that they will spend the 18-28 september in France, and then another week in Kuwait. This is because they got the cheapest tickets in Kuwait airways and there is a stop in Kuwait on the way back, where my cousin will host them. So, I was telling them that between India, Europe and the Middle East, they are going to see 3 completely different but equally interesting cultures in 17 days :)

Second, Happy Birthday Siddharth!!! I still remember how we celebrated your birthday in 2004 with a big party at your place :) So, here's wishing you all the good things in life this year and for all the years to come : may you be happy my friend!

Third, what do you think about my new look in the photo above?

It's been again a while of silence here in our blog, come on folks shake up things a bit! Following our past record, I guess Siddharth will start :)



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